Considering Buying or Selling Property in Creemore, Mulmur, Mono or Caledon?


is your real estate professional in the Creemore, Mulmur, Mono & Caledon area. Connecting buyers with quality properties and sellers with the right buyer is Basia's specialty. Her energy and determination to work for you, the buyer or seller, sets her apart from the pack. Basia's knowlege of this unique area and it's properties is second to none.


is everything. Creemore, Mulmur, Mono, Caledon and the surrounding areas have country charm and natural beauty, yet boast diverse opportunities to enjoy fine dining and the arts. The best properties in the area feature incredible views, unique architectural design and they are in close proximity to all the amenities. Whether buying or selling, trust Basia Regan, the professional who understands Creemore, Mulmur, Mono and Caledon best.


Enjoy active living for all seasons throughout Creemore, Mulmur, Mono, Caledon and the surrounding areas. Hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing or hobby farming are all part of the local lifestyle. Creemore has evolved to become a centre for the arts. Many painters, sculptors, musicians and writers call this place home. With fine French dining, casual cafes', and a farmers' market, Creemore is delightful for both the epicurean and the aspiring chef.